Saturday, July 5, 2008

We Got The News We Were Praying For

Well, exactly 2 weeks, just as the doctor promised, we got the call. I saw the caller id and immediately picked up the phone. I felt a lot better this time because it was the nurse from the doctor's office calling me not the doctor. She told me our tests came back fine-there was nothing to worry about and they confirmed that we in fact are having a baby girl. What a sigh of relief we both have right now. When she told me the news, I started to cry-happy tears of course:) Now I feel like we can start planning for her arrival. I obviously put everything on hold until we hear our test results.

So this weekend, we are busy prepping the room to be painted. We ordered new carpet and I am trying to decide which baby bedding is better. I ordered one online because I can't find it in the stores, and if I like the Lilac Garden then we will paint the room to match otherwise, I am going to go with the Mulberry. I just really prefer Purple-lavender to Pinks. We also added some things to our registry. It is so funny though how everyone has an opinion. I am going to post the two bedding sets we are debating between.

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