Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sonogram at 12 weeks 5 days

We went to the doctor this week to complete part one of the Nuchal Trans. test. They said the skin fold of the neck looked good but I won't find out the complete results until they test my blood from this week and in 5 weeks. The baby looked a little bigger, it was bouncing all over the place. The ultrasound tech wanted to know what in the world I had for lunch-I ate pizza (something I haven't eaten in a long time-but my boss bought pizza for everyone as a congrats for good work). The hearbeat was 158 and as you can see in the ultrasound the baby was waving at us. The picture isn't as light was we would like but it will do. This weekend we have been cleaning so we can make room for the little one. We got rid of the desk in the baby room and cleaned out our closets. We still have a bunch more to do but we are trying to do a little bit each weekend. I am still sleeping okay although my hands fall asleep for some reason. I am looking to buy a pregnancy pillow. I am still in my regular clothes-thank goodness for wearing my scrubs during the week. Our next appointment is May 30 and we are hoping to find out the sex of the baby.