Sunday, January 20, 2008

RE Follow Up Appointment

I know it has been a while, I guess we were on a waiting pattern for my January 18-follow up at IVF. Well we have for the most part, good news. David's tests came out all negative and he had no problems with his semen analysis.

Then on to Susie. Pretty much all the tests came back negative (all the chromosomes). The 2 issues were as follows. I tested positive for the MTHFR gene which we knew about previously. That is why I am taking the Metanx pills for the rest of my life according to the RE.

The big surprise was my insulin levels. Apparently, they are off the charts. So I am now to take glucophage 4 times a day (2000 mg) vs just taking one pill a day (500 mg). This should help with my insulin levels. Surprisingly enough my sugars tested out just fine. So I am going to watch what I eat and take the meds. The only problem is that they cause severe nausea. Everyone says I will get used to it but I can only hope that happens soon.

Of course, we got yet another prescription for bloodwork. The RE wants to check my antibodies because in rare cases if I have those antibodies they can cause me to have a miscarriage. Anyways, this morning I wanted to just check the ICD-9 code on my prescription, just to make sure it wasn't a diagnosis for infertility. Because my insurance won't cover if that is written on it. Being that my insurance doesn't cover much we need to at least get them to pay for my bloodwork.

For those who don't know what and ICD-9 code is- it is a coding system is used to code signs, symptoms, injuries, diseases, and conditions. I looked up 629.9 and this is what I found:

Habitual aborter without current pregnancy

That sounds horrible. To me habitual sounds like an addict and that I chose to do this for instance like someone or smokes or drinks. I do neither. Like if I had more willpower then I wouldn't have had the miscarriages. I didn't have a choice for this to happen to me. To bad they don't make some magic pill or patch to help with frequent miscarriage.

The ICD-9 code should say: women, full of disappointment, recurrent miscarriage, no choice in the matter.

Well back to the "plan". We will continue to try for the next 3 months using ovulation kits and having intercourse on the day the test shows positive and the next. (Not like this is anything new). I will take the increased glucophage and continue with the metanx. If this doesn't work then we will begin injectibles.