Saturday, February 2, 2008

She's Back Again and Right On Time

I can't believe that once again-she has arrived exactly 29 days later. As usual, it was quite a letdown for me. I think what made it worse was I had no signs that she was coming so it kind of came out of left field. In the back of my mind I thought "maybe I am pregnant this month, after all we did it on the right days". Well the positive thinking did not work. Back to square one. AGAIN. We have a bar mitzvah tonight. Hopefully it will be fun. David is busy working on his book and Maxy has been on/off with the blood in his stool. We took him to the vet again and they said put him back on the Flagil. So far, it looks like the medicine is working.

I am getting used to my medicine as well. Although today I am supposed to increase it to the 2000 level. The only issue I have really had was kidney pain occasionally and if I don't eat with the medicine I get really nauseus. I just hope the medicine works and I can finally be pregnant. Two months left and then moves to Plan B-the shots.