Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why does it take so long?

Just waiting very patiently for the results of our amnio. Trying not to think about it and just keep our minds busy on something else. Of course, that is not hard to do with Bailey around. I get up early am to walk and feed him and then we basically have to take care of him every 3 hours for bathroom walks. We went to the dog park the other day and he seems to be happy pretty much anywhere we take him. David has been sneezing- I am praying he is not allergic to Bailey, which would be strange because he never had allergies with Maxwell and he had a lot of dander-because of his Cushings. Well hopefully next week at this time we will have good news.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's A Girl

Had another ultrasound Friday and it is a girl. They told us that a few weeks ago but I wanted to wait until we posted it becuause, well you know people can make mistakes. Everything looks good so far, had an amnio done Friday and now we are just playing the waiting game. I still don't think I look as pregnant as all the other woman in the office, but the nurse said you just wait and in a few weeks you'll be complaining about how big you have gotten. We are just so excited to hear it is a girl and now we have to pick out all the pink and purple outfits and accessories.

Our Newest Addition

Well, we gave in and got a new puppy. I couldn't take the quietness in the house and we decided to go to the animal shelter. We found the cutest little puppy-he is 3 months old and is a maltese shih tzu. We named him Bailey Maxwell, Bailey because he was born on March 17 and Maxwell after little Maxie. Boy is he a lot of work. David thinks this is great training for us, because he needs a lot of attention and we are up all through the night having to walk him. He cries a little bit when we put him in the crate, but overall he is a good boy.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

In Honor of Little Maxie

It has been a while since my last post. Things have been busy around here. Unfortunately we had to put Maxwell to sleep last Monday May 26. He was 13 years old and had been diagnosed with Cushing's Syndrome a few years ago. He was doing okay for him, David usually carried him out to the grass to be walked and he slept most of the day- well last weekend he took a turn for the worse. It was really said, he started to have problems breathing, he wouldn't eat, drink, go to the bathroom or sleep. As hard as it was, and it is hard we had to put him to sleep. Needless to say, I had a rough week. The first few days, all I could do was cry and just look for him-now I am getting a little stronger and I keep telling myself he is in a better place now. The hardest part is when I come home from work and the house feels empty. Since I also have had him for 13 years it really is hard to remember life without him. We will always love him and he will have a special place in our hearts.
We love you Maxie.